Monday, April 12, 2010

April 2010

Don't know if I can continue this blog, but think I will try and salvage it. My poor mind just doesn't want to function on anything. This week has been rather rough. Thought I started out with either a virus or a touch of food poison, then as the week wore on, I had no desire to eat whatsoever. Therefore, you know that classifies me as SICK! I've eaten very little, mostly cereal and yogurt. I finally figured it out - took only a week. The Bactrim they gave me for a possible uti has done a number on my stomach/gastrointestinal tract. (Oh yeah, I remember them saying something about double strength. oi) Anything I eat causes distress. No energy. cramping. I'm so tired of fighting something ALL THE TIME! I felt better than this before the transplant. If I could be assured that it never gets better than this, I'd gladly go back to where I was . . . on dialysis. That is almost blasphemy to all those kidney patients waiting with anticipation to get "the call." So many think transplant is the magic answer. Not necessarily so. My own daughter got a transplant two weeks ago. Everybody's situation is different. I'm glad my daughter got hers and hope she does well with it. As for me . . . . . . ? I don't know.

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liitaford said...

My sister and one of my brothers both have PKD.
My sister is at 0% in one and about 25% in the other. Next option is transplant, am waiting for the go ahead from the doctor to get tested.
I am so sorry that you are going through this, most people do not know what a horrible disease it is.
I am truly scared for my sister, she is 52, I am not ready to lose her yet. She also lives with the guilt of having passed it to her daughter.
She is hesitating about the dialysis, it seems too final to her I think.
Just wanted you to know you are not alone out there, and someone is thinking about you.